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Class Descriptions

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Supply Fee is now included in the monthly tuition payment.

1 hour class, $83 / 4 classes
An introduction to drawing and painting geared to the attention span and motor coordination of the 4 to 5 year old. In a fun and supportive environment, teachers guide students through each lesson, demonstrating how to break down subjects into basic art elements and how to use the art materials to create drawings and paintings that reflect their own individual creativity. Students develop the habits of planning, sequencing, and problem solving, while mastering their fine motor skills, all in an artistic and non-competitive environment. Art projects include fun and familiar subjects such as animals, nature, sea life, people, buildings, landscapes, and artists.
Media: Markers, oil & chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolors

1 hour class, $83 / 4 classes
This class teaches students the basics of drawing and painting through guided lessons that demonstrate how to see the fundamental art elements of line, shape, texture, color, and space. Through fun projects that develop studentsí drawing and painting skills, students learn how to work with a variety of art mediums, enabling them to create drawings and paintings that reflect their own individual personality. Students master the tasks of planning, problem solving and follow through in a safe environment of no competition, providing them with the freedom to create, along with enough structure to be successful. Subject matter for projects includes animals, nature, sea life, landscapes, buildings, people, artists, and different cultures.
Media: Markers, oil & chalk pastels, charcoal, introduction to acrylic painting & watercolors.

1.5 hour class, $93 / 4 classes
The drawing and painting class provides students with the opportunity to begin to work more independently on their art, but also allowing for guided drawings for beginning students in this age group on an "as needed" basis. Students are introduced to creating more three dimensionality and realism in their art through the use of shading, perspective, and composition. As they begin mastering techniques and media, students will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach, with continued focus on visual training, planning and process. A full range of subjects will be explored including the human form, animals, nature, still life, landscape, and master artists.
Media: Markers, oil & chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, graphite, colored pencils

2 hour class, $103 / 4 classes - Carmel Studio
1.5 hour class, $93 / 4 classes-Fishers Studio

Geared to the older student, this drawing and painting class allows independent study for those who want to further develop their drawing and painting skills, but also provides guided instruction for beginners in this age group. In this supportive art class, teachers provide personalized instruction based on the needs and goals of each student.  Building confidence and self expression are encouraged while teaching the basic and advanced skills and techniques of drawing and painting.  Nature, animals, human form, portraiture, landscape, still life, perspective, and master artists are just some of the subject matter possible.
Media: Markers, oil & chalk pastels, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, graphite, colored pencils

*A Special Note to Adult Beginners: For many adults growing up, art instruction was never an option, but at Myart, we believe it is never too late. If you have always wanted to learn how to draw or paint, know that you already possess the observation skills and creative instincts that will enable you to learn quickly. If you can write your name in script or color in the lines, you can learn to draw. All Myart classes are taught in a relaxed, non-competitive, peaceful environment that allows you to let go of any fears you may have and engage in learning and expressing your creativity. Our guided art lessons provide you with a starting point in the basics of drawing and painting.  Your growth into independent study will evolve naturally as you create more and gain confidence.

We offer Carmel art classes, Noblesville art classes and Fishers art classes.

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